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About Friend Communications - Software and Marketing for Campgrounds and RV Parks
Software for the Campground Industry

Revolutionizing the outdoor recreation world through online technology
and marketing!

Convenience, access, revenue and exposure!

Leisure Interactive (formerly Friend Communications) was founded by business executives from the RV Industry who saw the need to provide efficient and productive online business management solutions for the travel and leisure industries to manage their operations and conduct e-commerce via the internet. Our internet products and online websites address these needs for RV Parks, Campgrounds, RV Dealers, RV Manufacturers, Travel Portals and consumers alike.

We've designed self-serve, web-enabled software solutions that make it easy for businesses to market themselves, transact online commerece with consumers, and increase operational efficiency.

Similarly, consumers are empowered with self-service purchasing alternatives that are available when it is convenient for them to shop for outdoor products, services and vacations.

Our online software technology provides a layer of security which gives consumers, and business partner's peace of mind that their transaction and personal data is safe and secure.

Utilizing superior online technology we connect consumers, businesses and partners within the leisure marketplace and enable increased Internet visibility, new online revenue opportunities, collective consumer information and improved efficiencies.

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